How Video Marketing Can Improve a Business Website’s SEO Value

Video Marketing

With frequent algorithm updates, it can be difficult to stay at the top of the search results. But with the right tactics, it isn’t as difficult a challenge as it appears to be. What is the secret to success here?

When you want to improve your business website’s SEO value, you need to focus on the consumer first. And the search engine next. And to do this, what better tool do you have than a video? This audio-visual tool can help you achieve SEO success.

How can video marketing lead to the results you are looking for? Let’s try to find out.

Videos Are Engaging

As per comScore, “186.1 million Americans watched online content videos in April 2014”. That’s an impressive figure! If you haven’t tapped into this marketing channel yet, you are missing out a huge opportunity.

Forbes Insights have come up with an interesting statistic – 59% senior executives prefer watching a video than reading text. And when you consider that 1.8 million words equals 1 minute of video (Forrester research), you are sure to understand the power of this tool.

Videos Create The Right Feeling/Emotion

Users are more attracted to videos because of a number of reasons, but the chief one is simple; hard pressed for time, they prefer to invest 2 minutes to see and hear about a thing rather than read about it for 10 minutes.

Moreover, the audio-visual nature of a video makes it easier to convey your message to your audience. Be it the features of a new product or a how-to tutorial, it’s easier to communicate with such an audio visual aid.

Videos Are Shareable

When you deliver compelling content via video, a viewer may share it with their contacts. The inbound links generated creates a favorable impression on search engines that aim to bring the most relevant data for a query.

It’s easier to attract users with a video. But it will only be engaging and shared if it’s attention-grabbing. Whether it’s a funny video, a descriptive one, or an informative one, make sure it delivers what you intend it to.

Once the target consumers are happy about the video, they will like, share, comment, that is engage with it. This will create favorable SEO for your website. And if the stars are at the right place, it may even go viral!

But before you start on with your video marketing, keep in mind the important points.

Decide Your Goals

Not every business has the same goal from its video marketing efforts. Before you begin, decide this. And strategize properly. If you are planning to grow your email list from your video campaign, add a call-to-action at the end of the video.

Again, if you are planning to attract viewers to your YouTube channel, and earn from the revenues ads bring, focus on how to make people subscribe to it. You can also focus on getting rankings on the ‘video’ search option on Google.

Deliver High Quality Content

Whatever your goal, what you cannot ignore is the quality of the content you deliver. You don’t need high-end equipment to make a good video (though it’s a good idea to use standard equipment to create the right impression of your business).

Whether you aim to interview an expert at a trade show, demonstrate the best benefits of your product, or create a how-to guide for it, make sure it is simple, straightforward and authentic. Your audience will love to see the real, human side of your business too.

Determine Video Optimization Techniques

To make the most of your SEO efforts, make sure your videos have relevant titles, descriptions and tag fields. If possible, add keywords in these too. And always add a hand-transcribed version along with the video.

Also, don’t confine your efforts to YouTube alone (though it is the 2nd largest search engine today). Use every channel you can think of – Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google+, Metcafe, LinkedIn, DailyMotion, and so on to better your chances of SEO success.

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