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Two Legit delivers a wide range of design and digital marketing solutions. From custom design across web, mobile, and branding, to digital strategy, SEO, and social, we have more than 25+ years combined experience online.

Digital Strategy

With the rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, it can be overwhelming to know where to focus your efforts online. We focus on both your website, and your ongoing marketing strategy. We dive deep into your business, your audience, current performance, competition and goals to develop a step-by-step roadmap for your strategic digital marketing plan.

We can then implement this plan for you, provide training to internal employees to implement, or even help your find the right resources for your budget.

Website Design

Quality web design strikes an emotional cord. It persuades. It provides validation. It drives action. We emphasize the importance of quality User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. It is critical to thoughtfully create a design and user experience that achieves a specific business goal while maintaining a high quality look/feel.

We provide custom web design for projects ranging from websites and mobile apps, to email newsletters and landing pages.

Digital Marketing

The internet has become a noisy, crowded space. So how do you reach out and grab your audience’s attention? Well, the good news is there are more platforms than ever offering extremely effective ways to laser target your specific audience. From Facebook and Pinterest advertising, to organic content marketing and SEO, we can help your pick the right mix for your business and budget. Online marketing in today’s digital environment doesn’t have to be complicated, but does require a multi-faceted, and consistent approach.

Social Media

They say to go where your customers are, and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to social. Social media mammoths like Facebook and Pinterest drive traffic, generate awareness, and are still among the best ways to grow an audience. We focus on consulting with you to build a community of engaged followers that you can market to and nurture for years. Each platform has its nuances and specific tactics, and optimization done correctly can produce outstanding results.


When it comes to engagement and connecting to your audience, there isn’t a better type of content than video. You can use it to supercharge your social media and drive SEO traffic, or for promotional ad campaigns and helpful “how to” videos that provide information to your customers.

We offer both full service video production, strategy, paid promotion for our clients. We also provide training for entrepreneurs and marketers who are looking to learn how to create videos.

The Work

A sample of our recent work. For in-depth case studies, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to share more about how we work as partners with our clients.

About Us

Our mission is to help you grow your business through engaging design, and strategic marketing campaigns. From entrepreneurs to business owners and marketing directors, our goal is to provide awesome digital alongside world class customer service.

Our Story

From Seattle to Chicago, St. Louis to Los Angeles

Two Legit was founded by two web & marketing enthusiasts who met in Chicago, that were inspired by the impact digital and high-end web design has on the way we live and do business.  Since first working together in 2002, and now based in Los Angeles, Two Legit is dedicated to serving businesses that recognize, and value the opportunity that lies within digital.

  • We partnered with 2L from day one. From strategy to setting up our ecommerce site, to social media and content marketing, they guided us on our journey. To date over 1000 people have tried my workout, and new members join every week!"
    - Justin - Owner - Under 20 Workout


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