8 Powerful Web Design Tips For Small Business Owners

WebDesignTips For Small Size Business

You only have 3 seconds to make a first impression online. What does your small business website offer to your visitors? Is it confusing to find what their looking for, or is engaging them? How do they react when they land on your website? Users today expect high-end design and small businesses are no exceptions. It’s the website’s design that often decides the fate of small businesses operating online as it can either persuade visitors to stay on the page or turn them off instantly. In order to ensure higher level of online success, small businesses must employ the right strategies in web design and development.

Here are a few powerful tips for every small business website that wants to stand out online, and build trust with visitors:

1. Branding Is Important

A strong and powerful brand image is important for a professionally looking small business website. It builds confidence in prospects and contributes to boosting sales. Well placed and attractive logos, crisp but useful information, high-quality images and more collectively offer small businesses an opportunity to look much bigger than they actually are. Smart branding is important, so don’t skimp on that logo design!

2. Simplicity (aka the new clever) Always Leads The Game

Time has proven that simple but creative web design capture attention faster. Users are not fond of websites that appear to offer excess clutter, with navigation that takes more than 2 clicks to get to. Fonts must promote readability and websites should use graphics sparingly. Breaking up text with short paragraphs, bullet points, big quotes, and tabbed content makes your site easier to scan.

3. Transparency Is A Must

Provide a personal touch, along with relevant contact and business related information. Visitors must find it easy to connect with your small business, whether they are a new or existing customer. Providing relevant information regarding your pricing system, business mission statement, is going to add to the authenticity of your brand. The idea is to be clear about your services, policies, products and mission. Add social media to the mix, and you can truly show your audience “behind-the-scenes” into your company.

4. Navigation Is The Cornerstone Of Great Web Design

Website navigation can make or break your website, so be careful. Incorporate search functions that are capable of returning meaningful results on and from your page so that visitors don’t have to tune out to some other page to fetch the information they came looking for. Stick to standard forms of navigation and icons. Quick tip: include your site map in your footer and keep it updated.

5. Consistent, Quality Content Is Key

Great content and information on websites attracts new customers and keeps the existing ones engaged. Informative, updated, interactive and interesting content on your blog will help with SEO efforts, driving email newsletter signups, and much more. Whether you’re running a service based company, or an E-Commerce website, you can greatly benefit from product launch videos, how-tos, articles, and more.

6. Call-To-Actions Should Not Be Overlooked

Benefit driven, persuasive and smart call-to-actions won’t make you feel guilty of being a pushy salesman or a spammer. In all honesty, the reason you’re building your business is to drive leads and sales, so go ahead and ask. Tell your visitors what to do next – creatively and in a compelling manner!

7. Value Your Visitors’ Time

Be selective while communicating your customers about your products, services and brand as a whole. Break texts into multiple sub-headings, use quality images that communicate the most and get to the point straightaway. Allow visitors to easily scan through the page and fetch the information they want, even without an in-depth reading.

8. Stick To Cost Efficiency

Small businesses often run on tighter budgets so don’t overdo. Get rid of the fancy extras but don’t get into cheaper web design quality. Spend enough and you can have a decent lead-pulling website with the potential more additions in future.

A good website design continues to be an integral part of any small business vying to make a solid first impression with their prospects online. Relate to your target audiences at each stage of the buying process and try to see through their eyes. Your small business is likely to improve with high quality web design, it just takes a little bit of an investment up front.

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