Ten Reasons Why Brands Should Invest More in Content Marketing


Content marketing is here to stay. More than just another tool in the marketing toolbox, it has the potential to redefine how brands and consumers interact with each other, and there are ten excellent reasons why brands should invest more in a content marketing company.

1. It sets you apart

When it comes to web-based marketing strategies, SEO has been the way to go for a while. But, while that may bring in customers, there is no guarantee that they will stay. Creating unique content allows your customer base to more easily understand what your brand is about.

2. It’s a value added service

While it can be easy to see it as a pure marketing tool, the best content seeks to educate the website’s audience. Take a look at the P &G website, it offers useful tips that the readers might share with their friends creating more brand awareness.

3. It’s effective

Content is the most efficient form of marketing available. Look at this portion of the Kodak website; by teaching their YouTube followers more about the potential uses of their products, it engages them.

4. It promotes visibility and reachability

It creates a connection with an audience like never before. People can comment on YouTube videos, ask questions on Twitter streams or Facebook pages.

5. It never goes stale

Unlike traditional ad campaigns, which have to be renewed and reformatted on a regular basis, well crafted content will continue to generate web traffic, increasing brand awareness and reach.

6. It’s a platform

Content can be used to build relationships with users that are long lasting. By using it as a launch point, companies can build relationships that can adapt to the consumer’s needs over time.

7. It can work for anyone

Heard of George Takei? Ten years ago, he was known mainly as an actor on Star Trek, but now he has created a social media brand with content that people of all ages respond to. Seventh Generation uses their website to inspire their audience to promote a more sustainable future, offering tips on reducing waste, posting recipes, and highlighting green initiatives around the world.

8. It is not a one size fits all approach

Unlike traditional marketing, there are no hard and fast rules with content marketing. A truly great content can create a tailor made approach to meet your brand’s individual needs. General Electric, for example, created an online magazine forum called Ecomagination, where users can think up new and innovative ways to be sustainable.

9. It’s what consumers want

No one likes getting information via advertisements, and many people tune them out as soon as they recognize them. Content, on the other hand, generates interest and consumers see value in the information being shared.

10. It’s flexible

Content marketing creates the backbone for a multimedia platform marketing strategy. Tying in social media content, traditional print and television campaigns, banner advertising, e-newsletters and more. And as media visibility and methods of communication change, it adapts to them.

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