5 Professional & Engaging E-Commerce Web Designs

Professional Ecommerce Web Designs

To engage your target audience and to make them perform some actions on your eCommerce website, you have to make sure that design is fresh, colorful and compact. In short, the days of boring and unimpressive eCommerce website is numbered. You need to do everything possible to ensure that the interface of your eCommerce website appears engaging and professional.

Now, before you start improving the look and feel of your eCommerce website, you need to have some sort of inspiration. In this article we are going to give a roundup of 5 different ecommerce web designs that stand out online:


This website is a stunning example of a modern and sophisticated ecommerce website. The home page is graced with a black top navigation that happens to have links of its all social networking profiles. The box style layout looks elegant and the image slider covers almost all of the Above the Fold section. The Image slider is immediately followed by a product slider that features the best products to grab the attention of the visitors. The product landing pages are very engaging, with the focus being to convert as many visitors as possible. It includes high quality images of the product and the product description is brief and to the point.


This website makes use of the page real estate by opting for a full width design. The color combination is soothing and predominately white. The clever use of negative space has also helped this eCommerce website score high on the audience engagement front. Product landing pages really very cool. Calls to Action buttons are prominent and the ‘green’ button stands well in contrast with the overall look and feel of the website. Overall Useahimsa offers a very pleasing browsing experience to its visitors.


This website an example of minimalism personified. The use of solid color has added to the charm of the website. The navigation is utterly simple. Text is used sparingly and judiciously. The logo of the website is text based and this adds to the overall simplicity of the website. In a nutshell, the website has done away with visual clutter and the focus is entirely on conversion.


This eCommerce website is definitely a trend setter in every sense of the term. This website does not have a logo in the traditional sense, rather it is using different versions of the logo and using them with images of its popular products. The landing page is simple and contains Call to Action button and Facebook Like option. Quality of the product image is really impressive as well.


This eCommerce website is big and bold. It uses a large image slider that graces its home page. The use of Mega Menu in the top Navigation makes it super easy for the visitors to browse the website. Product landing pages have social sharing buttons and the ‘Add to Cart’ button has been made prominent by making it red.

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