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Two Legit is a boutique Los Angeles digital marketing agency, providing consulting, coaching, and training to many of our clients. Web design is one of the cornerstones of a successful digital marketing campaign, but few have the in-house talent to effectively undertake the entire scope of a project. We can help.
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The Value of a Website Consultant

Our web design and digital marketing consultants have years of proven experience to help you:

  • Put your ideas to paper - For people with no design experience, it can be challenging to transfer ideas from your head onto paper. Our consultants, however, are proficient at making ideas come to life.
  • Combine goals – What are your goals? Do you want your website to be focused on conversions, while also being visually appealing and unique? A knowledgable website consultant can seamlessly include every goal without compromising quality.
  • Handle time-consuming marketing – At Two Legit, our consultants are also marketers. That means your website will be built, designed, and structured with a strategic marketing plan in place. While some companies separate these tasks, we believe the two go hand in hand to produce the best results.
  • Serve as a sounding board – Sometimes you need someone who will listen and help brainstorm. To help flesh out ideas and establish direction. A web consultant understands the intricacies of design, marketing, and SEO and can provide valuable suggestions.
  • Help you adapt – The internet is a constantly evolving marketplace that requires precise focus and careful attention to detail. If your business falls behind, even for a small fraction of time, you can lose ground online. Consultants are up to date on the latest trends and know how to spot the ones that will stick.
  • Help you transition – When new evolutions are spotted, such as responsive web design, a consultant can help you transition from one design to the next – seamlessly.
  • Analyze results – It is not enough to simply design a high quality website and relax. Today’s competitive atmosphere requires sites to continually review marketing analytics. A consultant knows what to look for and extracts value from a sea of numbers.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Two Legit’s website consultants apart from the pack? Instead of producing large amounts of low quality work, we prefer to focus on developing profitable business relationships with a handful of clients. We then work to produce high quality content that stands out against the vast amount of mediocre design on the internet.

Legit Website Consulting

Our focus is on providing full service digital marketing services. Our website design and website marketing consultants are only one part of our value offering, and we would love to tell you more about the variety of other services we provide.
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A Professional Marketing Consultant is a Game Changer

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