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More shares. More engagement. More traffic. If you’re like most business owners, these are three big goals on a long list of brand ambitions. As the number of customers using the internet to watch video grows, brands without a video marketing strategy are getting left behind. With our custom video marketing campaigns, you can get your businesses message out there in the most engaging way possible.
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Go Visual or Go Home

Visual content such as images and especially video receive more shares and engagement than any other form of media. For brands that lack video content, it’s either “go visual or go home.” At Two Legit, we make it simple for your brand to achieve a visual online presence, attract more customers, and increase sales. When discussing your needs, our team in Los Angeles reviews the following factors.

  • Audience – While online video marketing is an affordable option compared to traditional advertising, it is still important to craft video content specifically for your audience. We conduct a thorough review of your intended audience to maximize results from a video marketing campaign.
  • Goal – Are you planning to communicate the value of your brand, run a promotion or record a testimonial? The goal of each video marketing campaign should be clearly defined prior to production. We help put the pieces together to ensure that you receive a quality product.
  • Distribution – Creating a video isn’t helpful if no one sees it. What are the best video distribution options based on your industry, audience, and goal? After a thorough evaluation of available platforms, Two Legit helps you make the most appropriate choice for your brand.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

A solid video marketing campaign can help brands take their digital status to the next level. After launching a well-planned video marketing campaign, our clients often see the following improvements.

  • More traffic – Drive traffic to your brand’s website with compelling video content.
  • Quality leads – Encourage viewers to visit your brand on social media sites and your company website.
  • Heightened brand awareness – Add branding to video content to assist viewers in making the connection between quality content and your brand.

Quality, Targeted Video Marketing

Two Legit’s team in Los Angeles aims to tackle all of your video marketing needs with a comprehensive list of services managed by our pros.

  • Planning – Prior to launching a video marketing campaign, we develop a thorough plan outlining the details of each production stage.
  • Management – From start to finish, our team manages your video marketing campaign while optimizing results.
  • Distribution – Coordinating the distribution of video content online can be time consuming. Leave it to Two Legit to ensure your video is seen by the right people.
  • Promotion – Our team locates and identifies the most effective promotional techniques. As a result, your brand’s video marketing campaign receives optimal traffic.

Worry-free video marketing is available now from Two Legit. To maximize the effect of your video content, choose our video marketing agency to manage your campaign from beginning to end. Contact us today for more information.

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