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From first time visitors to loyal brand advocates, your brand’s web design is a first impression that has the ability to make a lasting impact – if your site’s design is professional and appealing. And what’s the best way to look sharp online? With a responsive website.
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Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design means more than adjusting size to different devices – it provides the core of a memorable user experience. At Two Legit, we craft responsive web designs that look crystal clear on any device for optimal functionality and enhanced customer experience. With the rising number of mobile device users, a responsive web design is an essential tool for small businesses.

Get More Traffic with Responsive Web Design

  • More traffic – A website that doesn’t function or appear sharp on a mobile device has a much higher bounce rate as compared to a responsive site. To retain more traffic and encourage viewers to return, a responsive site is a must.
  • Increased customer engagement – When navigating a website, viewers want a seamless user experience and easy access to the most popular features of your site. With a mobile responsive website, customers are invited to spend more time browsing a site and engaging with brands.
  • Improved user experience – Above all else, mobile responsive websites deliver an unrivaled digital experience to visitors.
  • Better rankings – As Google makes drastic changes to the way search engines read sites, preference is being given to responsive websites. From this, traditional business pages will get left behind as customers begin to favor responsive sites,

Now’s the Time to Be Responsive

Google has taken a stand, recently stating that responsive websites will get priority over non mobile-friendly sites. As the number and type of mobile devices continue to grow, businesses without a responsive website are at risk of losing a significant amount of traffic, leads, and sales. Our team specializes in the development of custom responsive web designs tailored to your business. While we offer a range of solutions to meet your needs, our expert responsive web design services typically include the following.

  • Design strategy – From start to finish, your dedicated team works with you to identify crucial aspects of design as it pertains to your business goals.
  • Social media integration – Encourage social sharing and join the industry conversation with a responsive website integrated with top social media networks.
  • Search optimization – A gorgeous website is pretty pointless without taking advantage of search engine optimization. By employing the latest SEO best practices, Two Legit ensures your website gets the exposure it deserves.
  • Local search – With search engines favoring location-based businesses, perfecting your local search strategy is a necessity. Two Legit’s responsive web design services can improve the chances that your website will near the top of the SERPs.

To keep up with your customers’ needs and make a memorable first impression, trust the pros at Two Legit in Los Angeles to design a user-friendly website that appears clearly on any device. For more information about our responsive web design services, contact the team today.

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