Custom Ecommerce Website Design

From intuitive navigation to a visually appealing user interface, quality ecommerce web design make a memorable impression. This first impression can make or break your chances at a sale. After all, your business isn’t the only kid on the virtual block. To outperform the competition and inspire customers to make a purchase, a unique and engaging ecommerce website design is essential.
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We Know What Sells

At Two Legit, business is, well, our business. We know what design complements an ecommerce website and what detracts from the true value of a brand. Our strategy and design team aims to help you stand out online, by providing custom ecommerce website design that functions seamlessly on both the front and back end.

Custom E-Commerce Features

To run a successful ecommerce business, your website must include all the necessary items needed to make completing a transaction simple and secure. Between enhanced functionality and eye-catching ecommerce website features, Two Legit’s team crafts custom websites for ecommerce companies in any industry. The following list is a snapshot of the most-requested ecommerce website features:

  • Shopping carts – As a necessary shopping tool, shopping carts should be secure and easy to use. Also it should be responsive, making it easy for mobile shoppers to checkout seamlessly.
  • Stunning product pages – Between images, video, and detailed descriptions, memorable product pages encourage the viewer to learn more. Simple layouts and easy navigation increase customer engagement with each page.
  • Product recommendations – When a viewer is exploring your site, wouldn’t it be nice if recommendations were made based on their past behavior? By adding product recommendations, customers are gently guided through the sales funnel.
  • Product reviews – Whether favorable or unfavorable, reviews help uncommitted customers make purchase decisions and take action. Ecommerce web design allows customers to leave feedback, reviews, and recommendations.
  • Billing management – Billing is one of the most complex aspects of any ecommerce website, and can quickly become a headache. Between receiving, filling, shipping, and delivering orders, billing is easily lost in the shuffle. Integrated billing capabilities from Two Legit ensure you never lose track of a sale.
  • Shipping integration – Whether you ship around the world or across the street, integrated shipping simplifies ecommerce operation.
  • Coupon, discount, and referral capabilities – A fun aspect of ecommerce is running your own promotions and campaigns. Do you want to reward repeat customers, offer an exclusive discount, or record referrals? These functions and more are available with our ecommerce website design services.

Go Pro with Two Legit’s E-commerce Website Design

We know the start-up phase can be tough. Entrepreneurs may be tempted to use a “drag and drop” site builder to escape the need for code, but 99% of the time your customer will instantly notice the lack of professionalism.

Instead, portray a professional ecommerce image customers can trust. Our talented team of designers, strategists, and marketing experts in Los Angeles specialize in the development of beautiful ecommerce websites with all the features expected from top notch web development. To learn more about our ecommerce website design services, contact us today.

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