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They say that content marketing is the backbone of modern SEO, and it turns out they’re right. At Two Legit, we know how to craft, optimize, promote, and distribute content that provides organic traffic back to your brand, and builds your seo footprint as well. Some say content is king when it comes to marketing. Does that mean all content is king? Clearly not. So what features define the best content? Is great content informative, engaging, and chock-full of helpful tips, or is it stale, boring and unexciting?
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Actually, Value is King

The team at Two Legit understands one fact that some brands overlook – the real king is value. Content marketing is a powerful way to increase brand awareness, leads, and industry authority if done correctly. Unfortunately, creating original, valuable content is time consuming for online business owners. With the help of our team, your brand’s content marketing campaign will lead to better, more strategic results.

  • Strategy –Between research, analytics and reviewing the competition, content marketing strategies can take a while to pull together. Two Legit’s team of content gurus expedites the development of a comprehensive, evidence-based content marketing strategy.
  • Geo-specific content – With Google and other search engines favoring location-based content and businesses, incorporating geo-specific content can lead to higher search engine rankings and more traffic. We seamlessly integrate local search and traditional search strategies.
  • Content creation – Fresh, innovative content fuels traffic on the internet and results in higher engagement levels. The right mix of content adds value to a brand’s online presence. To engage with readers and win fans, our team creates custom content to your specifications.
  • Offering a bird’s eye view – A fresh look on what your company does and how your company is branding itself may lend a helping hand.
  • Curation – Content curation is an efficient way to keep a steady stream of content flowing through your website without the need for extensive staff resources or expense. Supplementing original content with curated content is a win-win for brands, because companies are able to take advantage of trending topics. We incorporate content curation into each content marketing campaign.
  • Social media integration – Great content is meant to be shared. Social media integration guarantees that your reader is able to tell their friends about your brand’s content immediately. As part of our service, we monitor your content to gain valuable marketing insights and improve the outcome of future campaigns.
  • Content distribution – As the number of content distribution outlets rise, brands need to be careful. Before choosing a distribution platform, the terms and conditions of each site should be read in detail. Submitting content to a questionable distribution site can hurt a brand’s reputation. Two Legit’s team meticulously reviews distribution options to ensure that they are credible and beneficial.

Pop Your Brand’s Collar with Custom Content

Many brands have difficulty producing enough content to keep readers interested, distributing content in the best virtual locations, and communicating value. As a result, brands may invest in a failing content marketing campaign without a thorough understanding of content marketing best practices.

At Two Legit, our content marketing services ensure that you have a steady supply of fresh, engaging content to delight your readers. Among other benefits, our services provide ongoing oversight of your content marketing campaign to enhance outcomes. To learn more about our content marketing services, contact us today.

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